Seeker’s Palm Kung Fu

Seeker's Palm Kung Fu

Thursday 7:30-8:30PM

It may surprise you to learn that Kung Fu, like most martial arts is not really about "fighting," at least not in the way that you see in a boxing ring, or the UFC. Martial arts represent a process and a commitment to yourself, one that is intensely personal.

Some people train because they want to feel emboldened in a world that tends to be frighting and uncertain. Others train because they love working out in a practical way. Others do it to build their bodies and recover from injuries. Still others do it to compete at the amateur level and challenge themselves out side of their day job. The professional fighters you see in the boxing ring or in the UFC represent a very tiny 1% of people who are so committed to their craft, and their dream, that they are willing to sacrifice everything for a shot at the top. They are (generally) worthy of the respect and admiration they receive, but they represent a small fraction of the marital arts community.

All this is to say: martial arts is for everyone. It is up to you as a student to be clear about what you want, why you train, and to find the right teacher or environment to learn.

Seeker's Palm is able to accommodate those at any level up to amateur competitors. What this means is that no matter your age, your fitness level, or your experience, you can benefit from training with us. You do not have to do anything that you don't feel comfortable doing - but you may be surprised during your training that you want that next plateau, or that next challenge. So, if you're ready to try something new, seeking new challenges and opportunities to grow, and ready to give it a try - contact us. You only have something to gain.

Please contact Seeker's Palm Kung Fu ahead of class if you are interested in attending.

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(content courtesy of Dan Joyner - Seeker's Palm Kung Fu)